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What is Down syndrome?


What I've found over the years is that ds is "patience" Patience to wait, patience to figure "it" out and what do I get from "patience?
Smiles, love, laughter, sense of accomplishment.
This is from a mom of a bright 9 year old who loves to "try" my patience!
-Suzette, mom to Libby 9 (ds) Kyle and Abby 8


A lesson that the best in life isn't perfect - thank God.  A rare gift, how many people are lucky enough to really learn that the little things in life are the most important.  Total amazement that one human can be so determined and can prove so many "smart" people dead wrong a lot.  Being so blessed that in your own lifetime God chose to show you just how beautiful differences are.  Determination, Hope, Laughter, Kindness, Tears, Strength, Talent, lots and lots of love.


Ds is...."complex joy"....I asked my children what it meant to them....


" a special gift from God that he blesses certain people with. These people are like angels sent to make someone's day or give you comfort."  M (11)


"A fortunate gift from God". T (11)


T (13) notes that individuals with Ds "cause you to slow down and not get so caught up in the rush of things, but to realize what's happening now and to enjoy every little moment."


I think Ds ages the child's personality emerges, you forget sometimes that Ds is even there. It is just who your he/she is.


What does it mean to have Down syndrome?


My daughter Mary, who has Down syndrome, is only 4 years old.  She is too young to answer that question for herself.  Too young to be aware of the prejudice that exists around her.   Mary does not know that several pre-schools did not even respond to her application.  Mary does not know why her peers can not understand what she is saying to them.  Mary does not know that the scars on her chest represent a life saving surgery to correct a congenital heart defect that many of her peers with Down syndrome also had at birth.  Mary does not know what other adults are thinking when they ask her mother if she knew ahead of time that Mary would be born with Down syndrome. 


What Mary does know is that she is a loved, valued, cherished member of our family.  Mary does know that she is the most popular kid in our church community.  Mary does know that she loves to say "hi" to everyone she passes.  Mary does know how to comfort her sisters and playmates when they are crying or hurt.  Mary does know that she doesn't have to wait in line for the rides at Hershey Park. 


Mary is still pretty insulated against what will surely be a tough road ahead.  New doors are opening every day, but human nature will always cause others to see Mary as different.  Our culture is still struggling to accept "different".  Mary looks different, sounds different, moves different.  But, Mary does know that she feels the same.   


-Jane Miller, Mary's proud mom


Ds is a perpetually wrapped present that you are blessed and lucky enough to unwrap every single day; and the gift inside consistently surprises, frustrates, liberates, impresses, humbles, hugs and loves you.


Ds can seem like a "No Entry" sign at the beginning of your journey but then gradually develops into an off-road adventure with limitless exits and paths.


Ds is not even close to what the medical journals explain¡­..scientifically, it involves some extra genetic re-arrangements. Developmentally, it involves some possible perceived limitations.  But personally, it's unexpected, unfettered, unbelieveable, seemingly impossible joy....

-Mom to 5 year old


Ds is having a child that God sprinkled with a little extra sugar! 

-Beth, mom to Gabby





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