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Healthcare Partnerships & Service Provider Training(s)

Trainings Available for Presentation to your group/community:

Health Care Partnerships Training Program.

The DSC’s Health Care Partnership Training Program was developed to address the concerns of parents that they had not received the information and support they needed at the time of their children's diagnosis; whether prenatally or postnatally. Many also indicated that their children's health care providers did not have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to provide the level of care they required. The Health Care Partnership program is working to bridge this gap by providing education and materials to health care providers through presentations at local hospitals, genetic counselors, colleges and universities.


There are two goals of this program.  First, that all parents and expectant parents being told of a possible or actual diagnosis of Down syndrome are given this news with accurate information, sensitivity and support including information about the Down Syndrome Connection.  Second, that individuals with Down syndrome will receive health care that addresses specific developmental and medical needs and the best practices to address them.

One unique feature to the program, is that the Coordinator, Jane Miller, RN,  is both a nurse and a parent of a child with Down syndrome and is therefore able to apply both the parent and the provider perspectives, sharing real-life experiences as well as the most up-to-date research findings and clinical guidelines. Many thanks to the Mile High Down Syndrome Association for their inspiration and reciprocation of information relating to this program.

Service Providers Training Program.  Supporting Individuals with Down syndrome.

The DSC's SPTP is a presentation designed for anyone who provides any type of service or support for individuals with Down syndrome or who may do so in the future.


Service providers often have a unique opportunity to see their lives change in a surprising and rewarding way.  In the past, the majority of individuals with Down syndrome were excluded from our communities.  Thankfully, attitudes and environments are going through a needed change, so that today, more individuals with disabilities are now a part of the community and are living meaningful, busy lives.


That change has transformed the lives of people with Down syndrome, as well as having a profound impact on the lives of everyone who helps make that possible.  The common theme to the training program is helping individuals with Down syndrome live in their communities with the least amount of restrictions.


Education/Ds Awareness Training Program.

Info coming soon!








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